Quality and environmental policy

TELECOMUNICACIONES MERINO, S. A which operates in the field of telecommunications and information systems, it has the basic point of their business philosophy the following premise:

Strictly enforce the requirements agreed with their customers, as a means to facilitate their loyalty and permanence of the Company in the market, At the same time the Company keep in mind the protection and improvent of the Environment, we always encourage the activities of recycling and reuse, waste reduction and optimization of resource consumption.

To do this, we direct our actions for:


Check that all the time we respond to the demands and expectations of our clients, in order to achieve the full satisfaction of them


Commit to compliance with all environmental laws and regulations that apply to our sphere of action, and any other requirements voluntarily observed entity related to environmental, working at all times within the strictest professional ethics.

Residues management and efficiency:

Minimize, recycle, reuse and properly manage the residue generated in the development of our activities.

Encourage the continuous improvement

We consider the continuous improvement a permanent goal of our management system.

This policy, which serves as a framework for the setting of annual objectives, it is periodically reviewed for adequacy to the actual modus operandi of the Company. We publicly present it at our offices, making it known to all the staff who works here. It is also available to the general public and it can be accessed by anyone outside the company who wishes.

Leon to September 19, 2011.